Гонки.МЕ — Мод Touge Night Tour для симулятора рФактор

Touge Night Tour В1.0 — Touge Night Tour

Симулятор: рФактор
Издание: 2 Марта 2017
Последняя версия: 1.0 от 2 Марта 2017
Разработчик: I'am (Fasari)
Доработчик: I'am (fasari)

Описание мода Touge Night Tour:
The legendary Toyota AE86 Trueno, called by fans only as "Hachi-Roku" will conquer the 10 dangerous roads of general use, laid through the mountain passes of Japan and Romania. In this mod you can see some touge's like Akina, which has become a kind of "Mecca" of Japanese street racers, or not so publicized places, such as "Foggy Serpent", Shomaru Pass. The main thing is be careful. People say that on the mountain roads can any outcome of any situation… So, good luck for the brave!

P.S .: One of these days will be information about the Championship, that will be started with this modification.

Ссылки скачать мод Touge Night Tour:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2qyFD9JPbKsYUVRZEVueTM1Z28 - Google Drive

https://yadi.sk/d/YI3Z7czH3EsshV - Яндекс.Диск

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